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Your Hand Drawn Model Railroad Designs to CAD.

    You've put pencil to paper and designed your layout, but question if it will all fit in your given space. Or maybe you've sketched up a few ideas and need assistance in developing them further. We can help!

    We can convert your hand drawn model railroad plans to CAD, and will work with you to figure out the best solution if things don't quite fit the way you've envisioned them. We'll make sure your aisleways are big enough and that everything is within reach.

    Once your plans have been drawn in CAD, we can easily design your benchwork.

Pencil Sketch
CAD Rendering
Benchwork Design

Custom Design

Track Design

Our goal for your model railroad is for you to enjoy it to its fullest potential. Meeting that goal begins with a well designed track plan and skillfully installed track. Ultimately, a well functioning train on a plain plywood surface will hold ones interest longer than a fantastically scenic model railroad that repeatedly derails during an operating session.

Layout Design

Our model railroad layouts are designed for your space between layout peninsulas, scenery, and track needs.


Wiring can be messy, but we can help. We design for both DC and DCC, and provide a detailed track diagram to assist you while you tackle some of the complexities of wiring your layout. For example, the track diagram illustrates a rail’s polarity, which helps when it comes to connecting the hidden rails above on the layout to the proper bus wire below.

Elevated Track and Terrain Support

We design our layouts using 3rd Planit and being designed in CAD, the track and terrain are positioned in “midair,” allowing us to design your layouts benchwork to exacting precision. This is especially valuable when it comes to construction, and eliminates the guesswork often employed in track grade and vertical track transition design.


We provide benchwork in 3 versions; Domino, with a 2 to 1 length to width ratio; Sectional, with length to width as needed; Module, designed to handle larger portions of a layout, usually with curves and as described in the Elevated Track and Terrain Support above.

The DIY layout is designed to your desired level. If wood working is a concern, we can cut, drill holes for bolts, screws, and for wiring as designed. The lumber is then packaged in kits with assembly instructions, ready for shipping at your discretion. To become familiar with assembly, starting with simple benchwork kits is a good idea.

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